All natural

Wild salmon is free of all dyes, antibiotics and GMO's found in farm raised fish. Our product is high in essential omega-3 oils, and vitamins. Our fish is low in unhealthy omega-6 oils. Our fish spends its life in the ice cold waters of the Bristol bay water-shed and the Pacific Ocean. Farm raised salmon spend their life in a pen eating food filled with harmful chemicals that have been shown to cause cancer and other illness. Farmed salmon also contains dyes to make the meat appear a natural pink color. Comparison between wild and farmed salmon shows that wild salmon is a much brighter and redder meat.


Our salmon

Our salmon is hand picked from our net. After leaving the icy cold waters of the Nushagak river it is immediately placed into ice. After being in the ice for a short time, each fish is then hand filleted by Dave. After filleting, each fillet is placed into a vacuum bag to be sealed. After sealing the fillets are placed into a deep freeze which freezes the product to -15F in 2 hours. The fillets remain frozen at at negative temperatures until you, the consumer, purchase our product. Each fish is handled with care and by only our family. When you ask we are able to tell you with certainty that our family is the only people to touch your product.